Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Work, Work, Work

That sounds like a complaint but really it isn't. I would like to tell you of some of the projects on which I am working. Nina's blog really hit me hard, you know the one on transparency. You see I am one of Trinity's Sunday School teachers. In fact, I am the only one who speaks both languages. So as her SS teacher I should also be helping her learn about God. Yikes! So I am working on a special set of lessons entitled 'Discoverers of Truth'. We are starting with the wordless book and then moving on from there. You have to start with salvation because that is where the Christian life starts. That is one of my projects.

Next, I was recently asked to head up a ladies choral group in one of the other congregations with whom we work. So I am gathering special music for us to sing. This is hader than it needs to be as everytime I think of a song, ... Wait i can't use that one it is in English ... this thought pops up in my mind. I have been working on gathering PORTUGUESE songs together so that we can sing them. I may have to write some.

I am also continuing to work on the translations. So I am busy, which I prefer to being not busy. I will keep you updated on the progress of these projects and if you have any ideas I would sure appreciate them. I love to bounce ideas off others. (don't worry this does not hurt even though it sounds like it would.) I love getting ideas from all over. My mother recently told me about Martha While I don't like her ethics, she has a lot of good ideas that can be transformed into SS crafts or object lessons. The great thing is that all of her stuff is usually made from scratch, which is good for a missionary.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hospital Hassle

Today I visited one of our ladies who is in the hospital. I went with the niece of the woman in the hospital. I thought getting in to see someone would be fairly easy, wow was I wrong. There is a line you have to wait in to get a visitors pass. The patient can only have two visitors at a time. We waited half an hour until the current visitors left and then had to leave our Portuguese tax id number card with the receptionist so we could get a pass to see the patient. Talk about complicated. Once we got in, we were able to visit for quite a while and had a good visit. Getting out was much simpler. Just a sample of life here in Portugal. Not your normal American hospital experience. Next time, I will be prepared for the hassle.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interesting week

This week has been very interesting. I started it off by watching the children of a missionary here in Portugal. That was fun. They have 8 children and I watched 6 of them. I even got some translating done, WOW!
Then I got news from my parents that they have finally gotten all the paperwork done and can stay in Moçambique for another year.
After that I had a big blessing in the form of my computer. WHAT a blessing in a computer? Aren't they tools of the devil and when ever you need one It does not work right? Though at times it seems that is true, I got a BIG blessing from my computer. I recently had to buy a new laptop as my old one was not keeping up with the work I am doing here on the field. So I had a new laptop with a version of Microsoft Office in Portuguese. (Big blessing there as I am translating and the program catches my errors) Well, it was only a trial version and required a key to keep running. AAHHH where am I going to get a key for Office??? My version is in English. Deep Breath. So I put in what I had and guess what ... wait for it ... It kept the portuguese version and went on working. YEAHHHHHH! This is a blessing because as I said I am translating and it is sooooo much easier when I use a Portuguese program for a Portuguese book.
(Now if I could just remember how to talk in either language that would help.)
Finally, last night I watched Nina's girls and boy while she and her husband went to that place ... you know the dentist. I can certainly empathise with Nina. I have had a lot of work done on my mouth and it is not fun to sit in a dentist's chair. Then on top of that to get a dentist who does not speak the same language. Yikes!! I would be running for the door right behind her.
My week is almost over so maybe next week will be a bit less hectic ... or maybe not. Is that the theme to Jaws I am hearing?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Christmas Gifts

I told you that I would put up a picture of the gifts I made for Christmas. Well here they are. I used a combination of my knitting machine and hand knitting to make each sweater. The patterns came from the Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. I came up with the variations. I hope you like the pictures of them. I had fun making them even though I finished on Christmas Eve. (I know that was cutting it a bit close there.) The other picture is a photo of the sweater i am making for Nina. She knows it is coming and I am knitting it as fast as possible.

Last friday, we had a shocking thing happen, it snowed. In all the years I have lived in Portugal, this is only the second time I have seen it do that. I had so much fun watching it come down, but I didn't like the cold it brought with it. It was so cold that I could see my breath in the house. That was sure fun, NOT! All you sceptics require proof I bet. Well check out Nina's Blog at Portugal Bound. She has some lovely pictures of the snow. I know it wasn't for Christmas but it was close enough to count. (especially as we don't see it very often here in this part of the world.