Saturday, January 17, 2009

Interesting week

This week has been very interesting. I started it off by watching the children of a missionary here in Portugal. That was fun. They have 8 children and I watched 6 of them. I even got some translating done, WOW!
Then I got news from my parents that they have finally gotten all the paperwork done and can stay in Moçambique for another year.
After that I had a big blessing in the form of my computer. WHAT a blessing in a computer? Aren't they tools of the devil and when ever you need one It does not work right? Though at times it seems that is true, I got a BIG blessing from my computer. I recently had to buy a new laptop as my old one was not keeping up with the work I am doing here on the field. So I had a new laptop with a version of Microsoft Office in Portuguese. (Big blessing there as I am translating and the program catches my errors) Well, it was only a trial version and required a key to keep running. AAHHH where am I going to get a key for Office??? My version is in English. Deep Breath. So I put in what I had and guess what ... wait for it ... It kept the portuguese version and went on working. YEAHHHHHH! This is a blessing because as I said I am translating and it is sooooo much easier when I use a Portuguese program for a Portuguese book.
(Now if I could just remember how to talk in either language that would help.)
Finally, last night I watched Nina's girls and boy while she and her husband went to that place ... you know the dentist. I can certainly empathise with Nina. I have had a lot of work done on my mouth and it is not fun to sit in a dentist's chair. Then on top of that to get a dentist who does not speak the same language. Yikes!! I would be running for the door right behind her.
My week is almost over so maybe next week will be a bit less hectic ... or maybe not. Is that the theme to Jaws I am hearing?

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