Monday, March 23, 2009

A heart ache that benefits another

I received word on Sunday morning before church that Otilia had passed on to glory on Saturday. This, of course, caused heart ache on my part, but I kept thinking all day that now she can walk without pain, take a deep breath, has no more pain, does not have to worry about eating, and can talk to Jesus and ask Him her many questions. However, she left us behind to finish the work she started with her family. I was not able to be with the family at this time but I did contact them and tell them they are in my prayers. During, my last visit with Otilia, she was in a hospital bed in a lot of pain. Now I sit here and with tears in my eyes I can picture her in Heaven serving her Lord to the best of her ability. This helps some with the pain of losing a cherished member of my extended 'family' and while I may have heart ache here because I miss her I know that God has wiped all her tears away and she is at peace. Now I pray for her family. They have no such hope.


Tori said...

So sorry for the loss. In Heaven she is very able and I'm sure she's enjoying her time at His feet.

Tammy said...

Hallelujah! We have hope in Jesus Christ! I pray that her family will one day come to Him so that they might be reunited some day.