Friday, November 5, 2010

WOW It has been a long time!

I have been so busy that I have not taken the time to blog. Many things have been happening.

I finished the translation on Passion and Purity, and have comenced on another translation project. Sunday School material for Marc Pereira.

 I went to two camps this year. I enjoyed both of them, but was so tired when I got home (there was only a week seprating the two).  I was able to see some friends from last year and make some new friends. The Thursday Night bonfire was a special time of thinking over the week and all the decisions that had been made.

At the end of August, my paternal grandmother passed away. She was an influence in my life that will be sorely missed. She and I got

along very well. She had grown up a third culture kid just like me. Only her parents lived in China before World War 2.

My dad contacted malaria around the end of September. I was worried about him but he recovered and is back on his feet. You know it is bad when he doesn't eat. I am thankful to God that he is back to normal.

In October I made some puppets to start a puppet ministry. When
I can I will post pictures of them here on the blog. This is a new phase of ministry, something I have never done. The lady who is presenting the puppet plays has had a lot of experience however so it is in good hands.

That is all for now but I will try to keep up with the blog better.
Until next time, Sing unto the Lord a new song.

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