Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For those of you in craft world, you probably are already deep into your Christmas projects. I am knitting most of mine (I am very thankful I have a knitting machine to speed up the process). I will be taking pictures as I go along and then after Christmas I will share them with you. (Some of you are the recipients of these gifts so NO I will not give you a hint.)
Christmas will be interesting this year. I am completely away from family this year. The Lord is so gracious to provide for us in the way of friends that are like family when no family is near. If you have a friend or maybe are away from family for the holidays this year yourself, think about who you can share your holiday with and whose life you can touch instead of dwelling on the fact that you are not near family. It helps your holidays to be brighter and will brighten some other person's holidays too. May your holidays be filled with the love of God.


Tori said...

Oh Dawn, I can't wait to see that knitting machine, never seen one before, pictures please!

Great idea Dawn! We are still all alone here in Croatia and have been for almost 9 years, we're getting used to it. We usually have a group of unmarried Croats come over for Thanksgiving so we won't be alone and they will get a good meal. It's not the same as having Americans around but it'll due just fine since they are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Anyhow, have a great day!

Tori said...

btw, I added you to my missionary links on my blog!

thedomesticfringe said...

It's my first time stopping by your blog. I came to visit from Nina's blog (Portugal Bound). My dad lives in Portugal and it's so great that there are missionaries working in that field. So, hello!