Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Service for Children

This Sunday, I taught a flannel graph lesson to the congregation. The Pastor then preached about the same story. This was to show the parents what their children have been learning and what we do in class every Sunday. We also sang some of the songs that we sing in Sunday School and memorized a verse that went along with our lesson. I taught on Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. Our memory verse was Daniel 3:18. Of course, it is in Portuguese but you get the idea. The English speakers had trouble with King Nebuchadnezzer's name in Portuguese. If you thought it was hard in English it is twice as hard in Portuguese. Nebucodonosor. We finally just called him Nab. This was much easier to say. I guess that will be one of the names I will be praciting a lot this next week. I want to be able to say it next time with no problems. As my mom says, "Practice makes good because only God is perfect." After services, several came and told me how they had enjoyed seeing what the children do in Sunday School. I just had fun teaching. I love the flannel graph set that my mom left for me and have put it to good use here. When I get pictures of the service, I will post them here. (I forgot my camera at home so have to get them from someone else.)

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