Saturday, November 8, 2008

What God does He does well

The horse is prepared against the day of battle but safety is of the Lord. I know this seems a weird verse to quote but I see it as we can do all we can to keep safe but our safety does not depend on us. The same applies to who is President of the United States. Still I have to agree with the guest blogger at Portugal bound, We have a knucklehead for a President and we live in a post-logical society. (It is too logical for those who are like the people in Romans 1) While I love living in Portugal and enjoy the culture here, I disagree with their President. He said that having Obama for a President was the best thing the United States could do. They just mean that Obama would fit in better with the rest of the world leaders. I don't think he is right. Yes, Obama will fit in better with the world's leaders but who wants that, most of them hate the United States and that for which she stands. What I don't agrees with is that Obama was the best thing for the United States. However, I do know of Someone who is in control of everything and is working everything out according to His perfect plan (sometimes in spite of ourselves). If I did not believe that God controled the universe, I would just give up and find a small corner of the world in which to curl up and die. Since God is in control, I will just have to trust that My Heavenly Father knows everything. Though I can't see His design, I will walk each day as if I did trusting God to guide me all the way. President Obama, enjoy your time in office, just know that God is watching all you do and you must answer to Him.

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